Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Paper Planes: How I Reinvented the Childhood Classic GIVEAWAY

Alrighty folks!  Kelly Lynn Jones (Little Paper Planes) and Chronicle Books teamed up to create a really cool book, Little Paper Planes: How I Reinvented the Childhood Classic, which features tons of really great artists (below) which we're giving away today for FREE.  Leave a comment below and I'll choose one the next day randomly. (Using 1d20 or 2d10's that's dice for all you non-nerds haha).  Also check out the next artist to talk about their work on the Little Paper Planes blog tour, Josh Cochran.

Alyson Fox
Jen Renninger
Julia Rothman
Elisabeth Dunker
Ryan Berkley
Josh Conhran
Ashkahn Shahparnia
Wolfie & The Sneak
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Michael C. Hsiung
Christine Tillman
Christopher David Ryan
Hernan Paganini
Johnathan Ryan Storm
Brendan Monroe
Ashley Goldberg & Drew Bell
Alexis Anne Mackenzie
Lisa Congdon
Gemma Correll
Russell Leng
Kelly Lynn Jones

Each artists got to come up with their own paper plane, but the best part was that we could re-imagine it anyway we wanted.  I decided on bringing some of my weird mythological hawk bird men to life!  After drafting up a couple ideas, I came up with something that was a mixture between a cut out doll and a paper airplane.

As you can see, I'm sort of into accessories and fantasy type / Dungeons & Dragons type of stuff, so I added a short handled battle axe and an eye patch.  He may look really round and cute, but trust me he'd gut you in a second.  We also had to create some step by step on the construction and as you'll tell from the book, I had a bit of fun with that with phrases like hot bod and so forth.  Haha.  

Here's the completed photograph of Hawk Bird Man hanging out on my money tree (it died which is kind of a bad sign for me haha). He looks very menacing to me and helps to keep aphids out. 

Anyhow, make sure you leave a comment below and I'm going to randomly roll two 10sided dice to determine who wins. . .that's based on a 100 comments, so I'm sure I'll be using a 4 sided dice? Pretty good odds for a free book.

Once you get the book, you're gonna really trip out on all the great designs by the other artists!!!  I mean seriously there are some really amazing ones in there.  The book retails for $14.96 but why buy one, when you can get one for FREE only today!

Here's a preview of some of the other pages too:


  1. I want to build your paper plane!

  2. beautiful thing!
    and keep up the d&d nerd ass, you're the one!

  3. Looks brilliant! And may all your mythological bearded men always remain victorious in the field of battle.

  4. Wow, looks fantastic, lots of amazing artists involved. Well done!

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    1. Make sure to link you're email in case you win!

  6. Very interesting concept for a book. My son and I would love to peruse and play with it together!

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  7. i spoke at your wedding. send me a book. have i told you lately, that i love you?

  8. The stuff Brendan Monroe is doing is awesome! Not as much as one legged bearded man with huge red wings tho...

  9. Love this idea and terrific way to challenge artists to work within a designated form.

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    1. HEY THOMAS please email me your address - YOU WON! If I don't hear from you today I'll re-roll another winner :) Thanks again


  11. dog the bounty grunter's flying skypirate lovechild!

    1. hahah, you should leave your email you could win dog the bounty hunter's bastard child.

  12. This book and these images are beautiful...
    ps... can you roll a 14 or whatever number I am

  13. Holy birdhawkman.....roll them dice!

  14. Your interpretation is the coolest! Airborne battle axe-wielding superflyguy...yeah baby! :)