Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fight to the Death

For the upcoming Valentine's Day Sale via  Bitchcraft Trading Post, Pearl and I decided to combine our efforts into making a collaborative print!!  We decided to call this collaboration Fight To the Death, a term taken from a comment my dad used when Pearl and I would fight as kids.  A strange and funny comment indeed.

We started out with some sketches and sumi ink brush strokes.  Kinda of like a scribble drawing game.  Here's the original:

We burned our screen and bought some paper we wanted to print on.   Pearl also hand decorated the backgrounds - spray paints, stencils, and patterning. . . including making a mask for the image.   We headed to Jordan's studio in downtown for his expertise.

Here's a darkish purple.  Pearl only made about 15 hand decorated backgrounds, but there are some one color prints too.

We also decided to make some hot pinks. . . 

Our buddy Jordan, an artist and designer himself, was such a great help.  Here's his 1/15 print from our series!

Finally, we did some drop cards with our information on this symbol Pearl made for our Fight to the Death collaboration.  We stamped them and put them in with each print!!!

Oh yeah, best part of Jordan's studio space? It's got beer on tap!

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