Thursday, January 13, 2011

My messy life

I'm pretty stoked to be included in THIS gallery's THESE Friends 2 show!!  Last time the art was rad, and the place was packed.  I barely could even get in and was totally frightened to take photos.

I'm trying to take some photos of some of the sticker packages I've been sending out.  Here's one I sent to Jason H.  "Nothing is more relaxin" than taking a dump.

This person has no legs.

Rachel and I getting a package ready for David and Pacoli in SF.  They sent us the most amazing package last time, so we wanted to really give them some cool stuff.

I found a little frame and drew up this piece for them.

Something I drew for Mike the Muse's package. . . it came from the depths of my foggy mind. haha.

My spice rack converted to a zine rack!

My dad - that should put everything into perspective.

Members of my family holding weapons.

I almost bought these two shitty mounted battle axes in Chinatown.

Pee pee spill :)

When battery operated heliocopters go crazy. . . new year's day drinking gone bad.

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