Thursday, September 16, 2010

Episode 1 of 5 from OWOA

Color Magazine along with Machotaildrop Director Corey Adams presents Episode One from the One Way or Another (Artists Who Smell Like Skateboarders) Skateboarding/Art Show.  Various artists working within the skateboarding industry, such as Andrew PommierTodd Bratrud, Mark Fos Foster, and Greg PNUT Galinsky, traveled around in a van, setting up One Night art shows in Los Angeles, Kansas City, MO, and Austin, TX.
Click the image above or here to watch Episode One.

A skateboarding road trip with the artists behind the brands we love.
Color Magazine in association with friendlyfire productions presents One Way Or Another (artists who smell like skateboarders) produced by Sandro Grison in support of Contributor filmed, edited and directed by Corey Adams additional camera by Caleb Beyers and Isaac McKay-Randozzi

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