Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burnt @ Together Gallery July 29th Alberta

Grove will be showcasing laser engraved bamboo art pieces on last thursday at Together Gallery on Alberta. There will be pieces by 18 different artists from around the world. Stop by and say hi if you happen to be in NE Portland tomorrow night!

Featuring work by:

Alisha Wessler
Christopher Bettig aka The Mountain Label
Cole Gerst aka Option-g
Dan Funderburgh
Diogo Machado aka Add Fuel to the Fire
Jacob Escobedo
Jonathan Calugi aka Happy Lovers Town
Jonny Wan
Junichi Tsuneoko aka Stubborn Sideburn
Leandro Castelao
Michael Hsiung
Paulo Arraiano aka YUP
Ryan Bubnis
Sven Palmowski aka a.mar.illo
Timothy Karpinski
Mark Warren Jacques

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